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Main Meal

Spicy Potato Curry aka Batata Song

imageThe unrelenting rain and wind storming through Sydney has sent everyone rushing for cover! The flooding and constant rain has made it rather impossible to indulge in my wanderlust so, I decided to stay home and make some comfort food. As a child, potatoes were my favourite vegetable followed closely by eggplant and okra. Every spoonful of this spicy potato gravy hits me with nostalgia and takes me back to time when life was much less complex than now. The spices also help to shake off the sniffles and settle upset emotions. Also, who can refuse to eat a dish that sounds so musical 😄

To make this we need,

  • Medium sized Potatoes, cubed – 4
  • Onion, chopped coarsely – 1
  • Red Chillies, deseeded & sliced finely – 1 to 2
  • Tomato paste – 2 tablespoons
  • Tamarind paste – 1/ 2 tablespoon
  • Turmeric root, grated – 1″ piece
  • Cumin seeds- 1 teaspoon
  • Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
  • Curry leaves – 10 to 12
  • Oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh or frozen grated coconut
  • Salt to taste


In a deep thick bottomed pan heat the oil and coat the sides well.

Add the mustard seeds and wait till they lightly splutter.

Carefully add in the cumin seeds and stir.

Stir in the chopped onions and curry leaves.

When aromatic add the grated turmeric, coconut and chillies.

Mix in the tomato paste and tamarind paste until the raw smell goes off.

Add in the cubed potatoes and stir till well covered with the spice paste.

Use enough water to cover the potatoes and add salt to taste before covering the pan.

Cook for approximately 15 – 20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked but intact.

Serve with steamed rice and plain Dal for a well rounded comforting meal.









I am an enthusiastic plant based home cook and baker who delights in sharing my creations on unsuspecting non vegans, when they least expect it! When not recipe developing, testing or making, I'm found organising and/ or writing, the two other passions of my life ❤️