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Vegan Semolina Pudding – 4 Ingredient Recipe

Vegan Semolina Pudding - 4 Ingredient Recipe

Vegan Semolina Pudding – 4 Ingredient Recipe

Sheera” or “Halwa” or pudding, is a popular desert whipped up in a jiffy in most Indian kitchens. Also called “Sooji Halva“, in Punjab and north India. The preparation times for this delicacy vary from a couple of minutes to, hours and hours of stirring and cooking! I have substituted almond milk flavoured with Saffron for dairy, Xylitol for sugar and, dry roasted the semolina eliminating the need for any fat, making this a guilt free dessert.

We need,

  • Semolina, coarse – 4 heaped tablespoons
  • Xylitol – 3 tablespoons
  • Almond Milk – 3 cups
  • Saffron – 1/2 teaspoon


  1. Dry roast the semolina in a thick bottomed pan until golden and aromatic. Take off the heat.
  2. Mix in the Xylitol and stir well.
  3. Whisk in only 2 cups of the almond milk and mix well until no lumps remain.
  4. Return to a slow flame and cook well for 8 – 10 minutes.
  5. Warm the leftover 1 cupful of almond milk and soak the saffron.
  6. After all the liquid dries up in the pan add, the remaining saffron – almond milk mixture and mix well.

I take it off the heat at this stage as the semolina continues to cook and thicken. Feel free to add in chopped and toasted nuts or raisins in the third step if preferred.

Serve warm or, enjoy cold from the fridge after a couple of hours as I do!

Please tell me your favourite quick desert recipe modified from a traditional one below 😊




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