Masala Vegan

Plant based recipes inspired by spices and green living!

Welcome to the Masala Vegan!

Inspired by my Indian roots, Masala meaning “Spices”, is an integral part of all my cooking! Most of my recipes are plant-based on whole foods and easily adapted to be allergy friendly.  My blog explores cruelty free ways of nourishing our bodies and living, while being kind to our waterways and planet Earth, to leave a happier legacy for our future generations. Experimenting with aromatic spices and fresh ingredients to create magic is a passion passed on by my mother who was one of the best culinary artists ever!

I’m a wife, mother and mental health professional by day and, love exploring the world and its many beautiful facets with my family. When not discovering a new recipe, I’m most likely found reading academic journals or, writing papers and articles or, organising one of the many corners in my life that really need attention!