Green Kale and Potato stuffed grilled Flatbread

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Wholemeal flour is an ever present item in my pantry and the versatility of using it across different meals never ceases to amaze me!

“Parathas” are Indian stuffed flatbread griddle baked for breakfast. I had some leftover Kale and a few boiled potatoes that made up the stuffing encased by wholemeal dough for a very happy meal!

To make the dough,

Wholemeal flour – 3 cups
Warm water – 280 ml approximately
Salt – 1 scant teaspoon

For the stuffing,

Boiled potatoes, medium – 4
Kale, chopped finely – 1 cup
Spring onions chopped finely – 1/2 cup
Salt, to taste
Fennel seeds – 1 heaped teaspoon

Make the dough with Wholemeal flour, salt and warm water in large bowl until soft. Apply some oil if desired on the finished and set aside covered to rest.

In the meanwhile, mash the potatoes and add the greens. Mix in the salt and fennel seeds until it forms a soft dough. Form little lemon sized balls and keep aside.

Heat up the barbecue and get a some nonstick spray to cover the surface.

Start rolling out thin rounds of the wholemeal dough and place a potato – kale ball in the centre.

Carefully pull up the edges and flatten the bread with gentle strokes of the rolling pin. Dredge with dry flour as necessary.

Cook both sides on the barbecue plate until well cooked and golden brown.

Serve warm with some coconut yogurt and red onion slices with a lemon wedge!

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