Brown Basmati Biriyani Rice

Image of Brown Basmati Biriyani Rice (Vegan, Oil Free & Gluten Free)

Brown Basmati Biriyani Rice (Vegan, Oil Free & Gluten Free)

This delicious brown Basmati Biriyani rice is the base for all my quick vegetable Biriyani. Brown Basmati rice is full of whole grain goodness. It does require pre-soaking prior to cooking. Brown Basmati rice also takes a little bit longer to cook as compared to white rice.

The toothsome feel of brown Basmati needs to be tasted and the hearty flavour goes well with most stews and curries. stews and curries. 

I have been experimenting with movie making software recently  and, decided to make this short video recipe.


This is an easy, delicious, oil free, whole grain brown Basmati rice recipe that takes about 5 minutes of preparation time, approximately 20 minutes of cooking time. Pre- soaking and rinsing the rice for 30 minutes cuts on cooking time. Delicious by itself or, layered with a spicy curry makes for a fabulous dish.

Any feedback or suggestions are very welcome. Enjoy!

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