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2 Ingredient DIY Soy Yogurt

2 Ingredient DIY Soy Yogurt

2 Ingredient DIY Soy Yogurt

Non dairy yogurt is not mainstream in the market yet and considerably more expensive to buy. Home made Soy yogurt is easy to make and delicious too! Plus, making it at home  eliminates any nasty additives and sugar. The cost savings also add up quickly as the soy milk cartons are usually on sale. This recipe makes 1 litre of yogurt, feel free to halve it for smaller quantities.

We need,

  • Soy Milk Carton, (I use the extra thick and milky variety) – 1 litre
  • Dairy Free Probiotic Capsules – 4


  1. Empty the soy milk into the yogurt container.
  2. Microwave the soy milk on high for 2 minutes.
  3. Open and empty the probiotic capsules into the warmed milk.
  4. Whisk well to mix.
  5. Cover the container and place in a warm spot for 8 – 10 hours and then, store in the fridge to firm up.

Substitute this 2 Ingredient DIY Soy Yogurt for dairy yogurt in smoothies and cooking!

Here’s a quick Video! Enjoy 😊



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