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Vegan Quinoa Saffron Kheer

Vegan Quinoa Saffron Kheer

Growing up in an Indian household meant being able to enjoy “Kheer” as it was known on my mother’s side or, “Payasam” as it was called at my father’s place, for all happy and festive occasions. My experiments with quinoa and overcoming its mildly bitter – soapy taste continue. Today, I have a luscious “Kheer” pudding made with almond meal, saffron and quinoa cooked in coconut milk.

We need,

  • White Quinoa, cooked – 1 cup
  • Almond Meal – 1/2 cup
  • Coconut Sugar – 3/4 cup
  • Coconut Milk – 3 cups
  • Saffron, a big pinch
  • Almonds, sliced – 10 to 12, for garnishing (Optional)


  1. Heat 2.5 cups of coconut milk with the sugar and quinoa.
  2. Bring to a boil and reduce to a gentle heat.
  3. When the coconut milk starts to thicken, about 15 – 20 minutes, add the almond meal.
  4. Mix well and make sure all the lumps are dissolved.
  5. Warm the remaining coconut milk and mix the saffron in.
  6. When the quinoa looks fluffy and the coconut milk has boiled down to half, stir in the saffron – coconut milk mixture.
  7. Take off the heat and garnish with sliced almonds.

Enjoy Vegan Quinoa Saffron Kheer warm or, cold from the fridge the next day, tastes awesome either way!



I am an enthusiastic plant based home cook and baker who delights in sharing my creations on unsuspecting non vegans, when they least expect it! When not recipe developing, testing or making, I'm found organising and/ or writing, the two other passions of my life ❤️