4 Ingredient Vegan Iced Frappé (Sugar Free)

Frappé coffee refers to a foamy iced coffee drink originating from Greece. Apparently it was developed accidentally by a Nescafé employee to showcase the popular instant coffee brand. This is now a popular summer drink  across the globe and something that, I  grew up with. My 4 ingredient vegan Iced Frappé is a quick blender recipe that comes together with some coconut milk, ice cubes and fair trade organic coffee granules with a dash of Stevia. Perfect on a hot summer afternoon!



Coconut Milk – 2 cups (cold from the fridge works the best)
Ice Cubes – 1 cup
Organic Fairtrade Coffee Granules – 4 teaspoons
Stevia Drops – 8 to 10 drops


Blitz the ice cubes and coffee granules together.
Toss in the cold coconut milk and stevia drops.
Blend until smooth and foamy.


Tastes best cold and fresh from the blender.
The coconut milk tends to lose its frothiness if left out for too long.

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