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Vegan Spicy Sichuan/ Schezuan Noodles (Indo-Chinese Recipe)

Indo – Chinese dishes refer to a special brand of Chinese dishes that are only available in India! This particular brand of noodles that I had bought is quite popular across most Indian stores here and, has been widely available for some time now. As a family we seem to love eating noodles in some form every week, from buckwheat noodles to rice stick noodles in Pad Thai. This Sichuan or Schezuan noodle recipe was taken from the back of the noodle packet and turned out delicious! We ate our noodles with this scrumptious Chili Garlic Eggplant. The noodles need to be cooked separately before adding to a wok full of vegetables. I increased the amount of vegetables used to 2.5 cups per noodle cake. How can eating more than 2 cups of veggies be a bad thing?!


Here’s a close-up of the recipe (apologies for the bad photo),


  • The Schezwan Chutney in the recipe was substituted with 3 tablespoons of hot chilli – garlic paste + 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  • The noodles have to pre-cooked by placing the noodle cakes in double the quantity of boiling water for 6 – 8 minutes.
  • I did not have any scallions for garnish and we didn’t miss it too much with all the vegetables.
  • Substituting with gluten-free noodles in a spicy vegetable base should also work, provided you are a spice and chili 🌶 fiend 😛

I’m curious to know if anyone else has a favourite recipe gotten off the packaging 😊  Please chip in below, thanks!





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